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Prof Umesh Vasudeo Waghmare Professor
Prof Kanishka Biswas, Ph.D, FRSC Associate Professor
Prof Tapas Kumar Maji Professor
Prof Swapan K. Pati Professor
Prof Giridhar U. Kulkarni Professor
Prof Subi Jacob George Associate Professor
Prof Srikanth Sastry Professor
Prof Tapas Kumar Kundu Professor
Prof Umesh Vasudeo Waghmare Professor
Prof Giridhar U. Kulkarni Professor
Prof Swapan K. Pati Professor
Prof Tapas Kumar Maji Professor
Prof Sundaresan A. Professor
Prof Shivaprasad S.M. Professor
Prof Chandrabhas Narayana Professor
Prof Sebastian C Peter Associate Professor
Prof Kavassery Sureswaran Narayan Professor


Epitaxial BiFeO3 multiferroic thin film...

Author: Wang J.;Neaton J.;Zheng H.;Nagarajan V.;Ogale S.;Liu B.;Viehland D.;Vaithyanathan V.;Schlom D.;Waghmare U.;Spaldin N.;Rabe K.;Wuttig M.;Ramesh R.

Graphene: The new two-dimensional nanomaterial...

Author: Rao C.;Sood A.;Subrahmanyam K.;Govindaraj A.

Monitoring dopants by Raman scattering in an elect...

Author: Das A.;Pisana S.;Chakraborty B.;Piscanec S.;Saha S.K.;Waghmare U.V.;Novoselov K.S.;Krishnamurthy H.R.;Geim A.K.;Ferrari A.C.;Sood A.K.

Metal carboxylates with open architectures...

Author: Rao C.N.R.;Natarajan S.;Vaidhyanathan R.

MoS2 and WS2 analogues of gr...

Author: Ramakrishna Matte H.;Gomathi A.;Manna A.;Late D.;Datta R.;Pati S.;Rao C.

Sensing behavior of atomically thin-layered MoS25m

Author: Late D.J.;Huang Y.K.;Liu B.;Acharya J.;Shirodkar S.N.;Luo J.;Yan A.;Charles D.;Waghmare U.V.;Dravid V.P.;Rao C.N.R.

Synthesis, structure, and properties of boron- and...

Author: Panchakarla L.;Subrahmanyam K.;Saha S.;Govindaraj A.;Krishnamurthy H.;Waghmare U.;Rao C.

Hysteresis in single-layer MoS 2 field ...

Author: Late D.J.;Liu B.;Matte H.S.S.R.;Dravid V.P.;Rao C.N.R.